About Boriken Cultural Center

Welcome to the Boriken Cultural Center.

We keep the spirit of Puerto Rico alive in the Twin Cities! For 30 years, we have been bringing people together to celebrate and preserve our cultural traditions through art, music, dance, and sports.

Boriken Cultural Center is a St. Paul based non-profit organization whose mission is connecting traditional Puerto Rican culture, arts and music to families in Minnesota.

The organization was founded in 1993 and has served hundreds of Minnesota youth, adults and organizations since its inception. The organization has carried out its mission primarily by developing and executing enriched educational experiences for youth involving the study and performative nature of drums, dance, and songs. Focusing in Afro- Puerto Rican music and Native Taino arts. The organization’s vision surrounds creating a community that inspires and empowers families through Puerto Rican culture, arts, dance and music.

At the Boriken Cultural Center, we are all about the rhythm! Whether you’re a seasoned Bomba and Plena pro or just looking to learn more about these traditional Puerto Rican music styles, we’ve got you covered.


You can take advantage of more than just music at Boriken Cultural Center. We also offer a variety of sports and physical activities, as well as opportunities to learn about and participate in traditional Puerto Rican crafts and other cultural activities. And if you’re new to Minnesota or just looking to connect with other Puerto Ricans in the area, we offer a range of resources and support to help you feel at home.

The community engagement of Boriken Cultural Center assists youth develop a sense of identity, which we believe is essential to their future success. For the past 30 years, Boriken Cultural Center’s board of directors, teachers, guest-instructors, funders, parents, and volunteers have had a shared vision of elevating the status of the local Puerto Rican community through generous donations of time and financial contributions.


Boriken Cultural Center supporters, volunteers and board members also advocate the promotion and fostering of programs that help create a culturally diverse society. It is for this reason that our organization has been successful in its work and considered a pillar within Minnesota’s Latino community. 

So come on by and join us as we celebrate the beauty and diversity of Puerto Rico’s culture grab some instruments, and let’s make some music together! Wepa!