42nd Minneapolis St. Paul International Film Festival


The Minneapolis St. Paul International Film Festival is just around the corner, and the festival’s organizers are partnering with BORIKEN Cultural Center to promote the event.

The festival will feature an exciting feature film from Puerto Rico, “The Fishbowl”, and a robust CINE LATINO program, along with several other Spanish Language films. BORIKEN Cultural Center is excited to promote the festival through their social media accounts and may have a performance group that sings and dances Puerto Rican music at the event.

We have offered to introduce the film and participate in the Q&A session.

MSPIFF42 is being held from April 13-27, 2023.

The festival offers a diverse range of films, and with BORIKEN Cultural Center’s support, the festival will be able to attract more viewers.

We are specifically looking forward to the film “The Fishbowl.”

Noelia (Isel Rodríguez) has been a fighter her entire life, but when her cancer returns with a vengeance, she’s forced to make a difficult decision: retreat. Abandoning her loving but sometimes overbearing boyfriend, Jorge, she returns to the island of her birth in Puerto Rico, Vieques. But Vieques is a place poisoned by years of contamination from the U.S. Army and as Hurricane Irma bears down on the island, Noelia is left to search for answers and a kind of grace in the midst of the chaos.

Filmmaker Glorimar Marrero Sánchez captures the beauty and the pain of Vieques in a visually stunning cinematic experience. Noelia’s story is one of strength and resilience in the face of seemingly insurmountable odds and Marrero Sánchez shines a light on the people of Vieques, who too often go overlooked. Noelia’s journey is a captivating reminder of the power of hope, no matter how difficult the situation.








About the director: Born in Barranquitas, Puerto Rico in 1978, Marrero Sánchez is a filmmaker, screenwriter and interdisciplinary artist whose work includes film, photography and installation. Fishbowl (La Pecera) (2023) is her first feature and was nominated for the Grand Jury Prize at Sundance.